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We are a technology entertainment company based in Derby. Our unique portable Virtual Reality (VR) ‘Igloo’ experience is already 5 star rated in Prague and is now available to hire UK wide.

You and your guests have a variety of experiences to choose from. Plus, with our ‘escape’ experiences, there are no complicated controllers needed to play – just hands.

VR is cutting edge emerging technology. Our VR Igloo system is designed to give our guests the sensation of being in an alternative world. This is achieved by the use of our sophisticated software and sensors to deliver exciting experiences focused on human sight and sound senses.

Prior to any experience beginning, you and your team will be briefed about what to expect. Safely through your ‘avatar’, you will leave reality behind you and be immersed into our imagined VR world. Depending on the experience you choose you may be firing lasers, flying through space, walking a plank high in the sky or exploring a museum gallery and much more…

Whatever you choose: our experiences will leave you astounded and eager for more!

We use top of the range equipment such as Oculus Rift S, Quest 2 headsets and Leap motion sensors. Running where required with powerful PCs to provide a smooth experience for our guests.

All safeguards will be taken in respect of health, safety and accessibility

All playing guests will be asked to confirm a waiver before they commence. Under 18 waivers must be confirmed by a parent or guardian.

  • It is not recommended that guests with epilepsy play the games
  • Individuals with heart conditions and pregnant guests play at their own risk
  • Guests under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied access to play
  • Children under 13 years of age may play only if parents or guardians own the risk and assume any and all responsibility
  • We cannot guarantee all types of eye glasses are compatible with our VR equipment. It is recommended to wear contact lenses if possible.
  • VR can cause mild nausea in some; team members are on hand should you need to stop the experience at any time, and will cover this with all playing guests in the safety briefing.
  • To work correctly and safely, our VR equipment may not be compatible with some forms of head wear. Participants may need to remove head wear prior to commencement of their experience. If you have any specific queries or concerns regarding this, then please contact us.

There are some restrictions. Guests must be able to wear our VR headset, see the graphics, clearly hear other players through standard headphones and have reasonable mobility in their arms and hands. In most cases, there is no requirement to stand-up at any point. If you have any specific queries or concerns, please contact us.

Yes absolutely. For larger private events, you may request a demo of the A-R-Z experience. Alternatively, please fill in the details on the hire page and we’ll discuss your requirements in more detail.

Yes we are fully portable and will come to the location of your choice for your private event (subject to Igloo operational requirements such as available power).

We also hold public sessions at a number of preferred locations normally in and around Derbyshire.

For private events, it depends on your specific requirements. The A-R-Z Igloo can comfortably accommodate up to 4 seated guests at a time and 1 ‘free roaming’ guest using our wireless Quest 2 headsets. Depending on how many guests you have and your overall time available, we will adjust our system to maximise the number of guests enjoying the A-R-Z experience. Moreover, we can operate without the Igloo if more Quest 2s are required for your event.

In our public sessions we allow you to book up to two back-to-back VR escape sessions allowing several players from a single group to be rotated through the experience up to four at a time. If you need to do this, please contact us so we can help you with the booking.

For private events, our prices vary depending on number of players, desired experiences, UK location, dates, times, and any bespoke options. A fixed price will be agreed with you prior to commencement. No other hidden costs to worry about! And you will not be charged extra for the time taken to set up and pack up our equipment. To get you started for our private event bookings, please go to our private hire page.

For public sessions, our prices vary depending on the types of experiences you wish to participate. Please go to the public sessions page to see the latest prices with real-time availability and complete security. And do keep an eye out for our promotional codes we run from time to time: you could get money off your experience and other goodies!

We recommend playing guests arrive latest 15 minutes before the start of their slot to sort out paperwork before the brief and game-prep commences.

If playing guests are late, we will do our upmost to accommodate you, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will be able to play, and you may lose what you have paid for the experience in the case of a public session.

Yes – but we have made this as easy as possible for our clients. Before being permitted to participate, you will be asked to carefully read and acknowledge your agreement to our player disclaimer terms located on a banner at the venue where you will be playing. If you are under 18, this must be done by your parent or guardian.

Where possible, we have a screen set up to allow you to see the action happening in the A-R-Z Igloo.

Rescheduling either a private or public session event is not an issue subject to our terms and conditions. Please contact us at your earliest opportunity so we can discuss your needs. All rebookings are subject to availability.

In the case of cancellation, please be aware that for private events, a non-refundable deposit policy is in place subject to certain exceptions such as a pre-agreed contractual arrangement. For public sessions, we take full payment at the time of booking. A refund will be provided as long as your cancellation request is received earlier than 24 hours from the start of the experience booked.

During your A-R-Z experience, our system takes a variety of pictures and screenshots of each participant. Upon completion, you are provided with a link to view/download the media and kindly asked to provide us with any feedback.

We’d be very sorry if this was the case and would always welcome feedback on any of our channels to help us improve. However please be aware that we do not allow any refunds once a team of guests have commenced the A-R-Z experience.

Hire our wire-free VR headsets for exclusive use at your private address. A-R-Z staff do not attend at any point, all the necessary equipment is delivered straight to your door and full video instructions are provided for safe use. It’s super easy! Plus secure return postage is completely free! Check out what’s available to play.

  • What ages is this suitable for? Our PEGI rated experiences range from 3-18 clearly indicated. However the VR equipment is designed for 13+. Participation under this age is only permitted if the applicable parent / guardian takes full responsibly as outlined in our player disclaimer.
  • Can 2+ people enjoy Play-By-Post together? With multiple hired headsets (at same or different addresses!), you can easily play with friends and family in real-time (and it doesn’t even need to be an A-R-Z headset for this to work, you can multi-play with anyone with a Quest 2 and the same games).
  • What’s the process for delivery and return of the equipment? Delivery is to your door by 1pm on your first day of hire. You must return the equipment to a post office counter by last post on your final hire day. Note: hire for a Saturday or Sunday is a minimum of 2 days (weekend).
  • What if I miss the last post? If this is likely to happen, please contact us ASAP. However, be aware that missing the required return slot is likely to result in additional costs being charged. Our response times are in line with our terms and conditions.
  • What if equipment is damaged in transit, who pays for this? We are insured against damage occurring when the equipment is with Royal Mail. For your protection, we recommend you evidence the condition of the equipment when delivered / returned (e.g. with plenty of photos) as well as proof of return postage.
  • What if it breaks in my possession? The hirer is fully accountable for the safety and security of our equipment when in their possession. The card details you use for hire payment will also be used to make a security deposit ‘hold’ (what’s this?) of £300 per headset, 1-3 working days before your hire commences. The ‘hold’ is released within 3 working days following our equipment return by the expected time and in the expected condition.
  • What if I need technical support to make it work? If our video guidance leaves you with questions, please contact us. Our response times are in line with our terms and conditions.