Unlike other VR entertainment systems, our unique tracking technology only requires your own hands to play and no hand-held equipment. Certain A-R-Z experiences do still require the use of hand-held controllers, but this is achieved in full safety as per FAQ 4 below.

Wherever possible, all players will be seated at least 2 metres apart from each other and your experience will carry on as normal. In line with government recommendations, we may implement ‘1 metre plus’ distancing with suitable mitigation in place. In your virtual world, you will be as close as you want to your other players.

At all times, A-R-Z staff will take all practicable measures to ensure your and their safety.

No. You will be shown how to put on and remove your equipment without anyone else needing to be near you. It’s very easy.

Yes. All equipment is sanitised using wipes to remove 99% of bacteria and viruses after every use – this is standard A-R-Z procedure.

We strongly recommend adherence to Government advice regarding regular and thorough hand-washing and the use of face coverings.  All A-R-Z staff follow these measures as required.

In addition to the stringent hygiene procedure, we also offer the option for customers to use a protective eye mask to go underneath the headset, plus protective gloves.

No, we can provide our system without the inflatable igloo as required and to maintain social distancing.